Perhaps the most powerful way of promoting your website online is via Pay Per Click (PPC). This comes in the form of Google adwords, basically your advertising through Google. We have all seen the sponsored ads when searching for something on google and its as simple as you pay google to have your ad show there.

Doing PPC is a much more effective use of your time and money than for example using an SEO company to rank your website, those days are gone. Our advice to you is to not use abandon the idea of buying into SEO techniques as they are now outdated. You may have a high ranking website quickly in the short term but before too long your site will be penalised by google and could even be blacklisted. The best option to rank your website is organically, make your website SEO ready and let it build up the rankings naturally over time. This will ensure your websites ranking longevity!

We offer advice on how to use PPC for your website and we can also run your PPC campaigns should it be required.

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